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Zombieguide today has gotten word of another disclosed album track title, this time called “Do You Know”. The news comes from yet another UK promo, different from the one posted days ago on The Herald. The new 5- track promo is printed on generic Universal CD-R acetate and also includes the tracks “Analyse” and “Dying Inside”. This now brings us very close to knowing the track list — in fact, we know more than 13 confirmed, titles, so take a look at the list: (Please note that these are NOT in order)

Confirmed Album:
· “Analyse”
· “Time is Ticking Out”
· “Never Grow Old”
· “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”
· “This is the Day”
· “Dying Inside”
· “Chocolate Brown”
· “I Really Hope”
· “Cape Town”
· “Carry On”
· “The Concept”
· “Every Morning”
· “Do You Know”

Unconfirmed Album or B-side: · “Pretty Eyes”

It can now be speculated that “Pretty Eyes” is in fact a B-side. All of the first 13 tracks have been confirmed in different reports as album tracks. The title “Pretty Eyes” came from the official page biography earlier this year as one of the songs recorded late last year, but has not been confirmed as an album track. Again, this is just speculation for now and we won’t know until we get a final album tracklisting.

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