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Fergal Lawler has posted some reflections via The Cranberries Official International Homepage as the band currently tours America doing radio and private gigs. It seems that the band that was so anxious to tour a few weeks ago is now experiencing some homesickness! But for their first tour away from home in over a year, that’s a bit understandable. Here’s what Fergal writes:

Well here we are in the good ol’ USA about to go to Mortens steakhouse for “A big thick shteack” (must be said in an Irish accent). We are really enjoying ourselves, getting to meet loads of fans and playing a few special intimate shows. There was an airshow in Chicago the other day but unfortunately it rained for the whole thing so visability wasn’t the best, but it was still pretty exciting. We are in Minneapolis at the moment. We did a couple of acoustic songs at the radio station here WTCZ. It’s different playing stuff acoustically but doing stuff like that, helps keep it interesting for us.It’s a bit of a challenge. I must admit it’s tough being away from our families, but being a cranberry is such a big part of our lives that we would go insane if we were to stay at home all the time. Plus we seem to be making a lot of people happy, so I think it’s definitely worth the bouts of sadness you get daily. You’ve just got to shrug it off and get on with it. It helps when we get to meet people after the show and they tell you that they have listened to the ‘berries since way back when. It’s the same with the thousands of e-mails we receive weekly it’s just so encouraging. A sincere THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! Anyway I’ll go before I start getting too emotional. Oh yeah I’m going to see U2 in Slane (Ireland) on Saturday so I’LL let you know how it went. Talk to ya’ soon, Fergal.

In addition, those on the mailing list were also treated to a very rare photo from circa 1996, seen below.

Source: Cranberries Official International Homepage

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