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WarChild from the ZG Discussion Boards has posted an informative and well-written review of Minneapolis, MN private gig. WarChild writes:

Well, The Cranberries came on the afternoon drive at the local radio station, Cities 97. They chatted a bit with Brian Oake. They said they enjoyed working with Steven Street, it doesn’t seem like work, just plain singing and having fun. There was not a conscious effort to make the music sound like the early days, because then everything gets to technical, and they just want it to come from the heart. (I’ll post a full transcript of the interview next week) Then they played Linger, it was completely acoustic, except they used a keyboard for a string section sound, the beginning was a little different. Then they played a new song called Never Grow Old, it was quite beautiful, acoustic guitars, piano, bongo drums, very reminiscent of the early slow ones, I will always, Ode to my family, what you were, dreaming my dreams, very tender, lots of soul. For the last song they played Analyse, acoustic, but they had a couple keyboard sounds in it. I really liked analyse played acoustic.
The Show:

Brian Oake came out and pumped up the crowd be saying, “Only one of five North American appearances for their promotional tour for the new album Wake Up and Smell The Coffee, I got to hear these guys today in the afternoon, their in top form!!! Please welcome The cranberries!!!!!!!!!!”
Everyone cheered as ferg, Mike, [Russel] Burton (Keyboard guy), and Steve came on stage. The lights came on and the first thing I thought to myself was, boy Steve looks really old! Then a Guitar started playing and Dolores walked on stage playing Zombie. The keyboard guy was also playing guitar during certain times lastnight. Then they played Analyse, It was a little more rockin than the album version, and they added an organ part (like the organ sound they used on Free to Decide).
Then Dolores said the next song was pretty self explainitory, about the ozone. The crowd really got into Time is Ticking Out. Everyone went crazy for Linger (and for whoever wanted to know, Dolly was playing guitar for that song) and the crown went wild for When You’re gone. Then she said this next song was written about 3 and a half years ago, about the birth of her first child, and she had anotherone 6 months ago. Animal Instinct was good, the keyboard guy played guitar for the whole song, and Dolores played keyboards at the end of the song. Steve really rocked out on the solo at the end, and sounded surprisingly well at the end when he sang, “its the animal….” Then then they did Free to Fecide, which Dolores played the solo at the end. After that they did Salvation where she wiped the sweat off her body with a towel and thew it out into the audience, and ended with Dreams, Which Steve played with more of a rockin flare, its kind of hard to explain. Dolores did this dance at the end of dreams that I head never seen before (At the 99 concert, or any of the videos). She thew out another towel.
Then we all applauded and applauded and cheered and whistled until they came back and played promises. Promises was rockin and Steve played the solo with a little bit more umph than usual. And then the concert was over.
The setlist was:
1. Zombie
2. Analyse
3. Time is Ticking Out
4. Linger
5. When You’re Gone
6. Animal Instinct
7. Free to Decide
8. Salvation
9. Dreams
10. Promises

First of all I’d like to tell you all that I play 3 musical insturments and sing, so I know what I’m talking about musically. NONE of these songs were played acoustic or semi-acoustic. They were played full Blown electric, like any other concert, which seemed a little strange to me since they had us all vote online. but like I said earlier in the post, Linger, Never Grow Old and Analyse were played semi acoustic on the radio show.

All in all it was a very good concert, it was defferent than what I expected, not being acoustic and all, but I saw the cranberries for free in an intimate venue (100-125 people) and was 5 feet away from the stage. It was 47 minutes of heaven.

Source: Exclusive, thanks to WarChild

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