“Analyse – Oceanic Remix” announced for single

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The Cranberries Official Website today revealed one of the tracks due on the “Analyse” 4-track maxi single next month. The “Analyse – Oceanic Remix” was done by Marius DeVries, whose resume includes a long list of excellent credentials. DeVries remixed tracks on Bj√∂rk’s most excellent all-remix budged-priced album “Telegram”, including the “Possibly Maybe – LFO Mix” and “Isobel – Dedato Mix”. Needless to say, the album is an absolute favorite of The Herald. Other artists DeVries has worked with include U2, Madonna, and David Gray.

The remix will also be sent to radio stations this week for airplay, which probably means we should be seeing a promo CD for it very soon. The new track can be sampled for free in streaming format from a mailing list-only page at the official site (here). Analyse will release next month in selected regions in both 2-track and 4-track format. A 3-inch CD for the 2-track version is likely, as we’ve reported to you previously. Other tracks have not yet been announced, but we do have the cover art, below.

Source: The Cranberries Official Website

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