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French Canadian newspaper “La Press” has published a new interview with The Cranberries, taken from when the band was in New York. It contains some very interesting content, especially near the bottom. Many thanks to Jesús Castillo for the English translation. (Webmasters: If you use this English article, please be sure to credit both Zombieguide and Cranberries Tape Trader)

The rock Irish band “The Cranberries” celebrates a more hedonistic approach to life with their album “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”.

The title of the band ́s fifth album, an expression which encourages us to take advantage of a given situation when it takes place, reflects the new spirit of the four from Limerick (west Ireland); after a decade of work, they have decided to enjoy this life a little bit more.

“You realize you have let pass many things and, suddenly, you say to yourself: ́Jesus, it ́s time to start to enjoy yourself, and so let ́s start having fun ́”, declared Dolores O ́Riordan, the singer whose voice gives that unique touch to the band, to the AFP.

“We have never been so happy,” she added making reference to her second child ́s birth – little Molly – also to Noel Hogan ́s second child, the band ́s guitarist, and to the imminent birth of the first baby of his brother, the bassist Mike Hogan.

Fergal Lawler, the drummer, emphasizes: “You realize you just can ́t worry about everything all the time. It ́s necessary to let life get its own course and have fun. There is no more than one life to live… just imagine that tomorrow we may be hit by a truck”.

The new album presents, as the previous one did, a mixture of songs really close to the ballad and others closer to what we call rock. Besides, “this work doesn ́t have any resemblance to what we have made up to this point; these are very different songs”, underlines Dolores, comfortably positioned on a sofa in New York.

“There is always room to expect everything of Dolores ́ floating voice; it floats above everything”, says Fergal to describe the particular style of sound of the new CD. The quartet has decided to return to their lovely first steps in the world of music, since they work with Stephen Street, who had produced their two first albums (“Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can ́t We” and “No Need To Argue”) and made of the band a global phenomenon.

“It ́s different, because we all have changed; but, at the same time, there is also familiarity because, after having known each other for years, everything is OK”, says Fergal.

“Analyse”, the first single of the album, illustrated their great sense of happiness towards life.

“We shouldn ́t analyse things too much”, stated Dolores when she presented this song in a concert in New York on Wednesday evening, in the presence of a small group of fans and journalists.

“Time Is Ticking Out”, another song performed by the band during the mini- concert in New York, talks about ecological subjects, something new for the “Canneberges” (French name for the “peat bog bay” that has given to the band its name). However, they don ́t intend to be activists in the ecological movement.

“It ́s just that everything is done in deeper conscience when you have children”. “I suppose that you become more aware of what is going to happen in the future”, confesses Dolores. Fergal himself rejects the idea of taking advantage of the popularity of the band, “I ́m only a normal person, as are the rest of the people; I am worried about the same things that trouble other people, especially when having children”.

Dolores has said she has already started to write new songs, but she has refused to talk about it. The group wants to release a sixth album very quickly; they are working on it before – and they will also work during – the world tour they expect to begin in February.

Partial Source: Cranberries Tape Trader

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