“Wake Up” panoramic cover?

September 12, 2001  |  Comments Off on “Wake Up” panoramic cover?  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

After careful “Analysis” of both recently-surfaced “cover” images, Zombieguide has been able to determine that they are not two separate images, but rather a broken up version of one large panoramic image. The double-paneled art could feasibly be wrapped around the liner notes, on the front and back. If this is the case, then the right side with the man and horse would in fact be on the cover. And it looks like the spiraling circle motif is here to stay. Take a look at our rough mock-up image :

(Image no longer available) 

(Thanks to The pretty Cranberries for the image on the right)

And of course there’s also the possibility that there are even more panels to this image — possibly the liner notes open up to reveal other parts, as was the case in “To the Faithful Departed”. Another possibility is that the left image would go on the back of the CD case. And our last (and best) possibility would be that the left image goes on the front, and the right image on the back. Also one last point of speculation : Is that black figure on the front the walking man from the “Analyse” video?

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