3 new promo CDs

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A slew of new promo CD’s have been sent out to radio this month, so here are some of the highlights.

In the UK, MCA has released a full 16-track version of “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”, including the three bonus UK tracks.
Full tracklist is:

1. Never Grow Old
2. Analyse
3. Time is Ticking Out
4. Dying Inside
5. This is the Day
6. The Concept
7. Wake Up and Smell the Coffee
8. Pretty Eyes
9. I Really Hope
10. Every Morning
11. Do You Know
12. Carry On
13. Chocolate Brown
14. Dreams (Live in Paris, December 9, 1999)
15. Promises (Live in Paris, December 9, 1999)
16. In the Ghetto


A second new promo CD is also out in the UK, another promo for “Analyse”.
We lack a picture for this one.
The track listing is:

1. Analyse (Oceanic Remix)
2. Analyse (Radio Edit)


And lastly, “Analyse” is featured on the Leeza Gibbons “Hollywood Confidential” Hot Radio Countdown, which aired earlier this month. The promo contains 3 CDs and several different artists.

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