Amsterdam gig setlist and impressions

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Earlier today, on the other side of the world — or more specifically Amsterdam, Holland — The Cranberries performed a seven-song live gig for 3FM Radio. The audience included a large chunk of fans who were able to score tickets via the official webpage’s contest earlier this month. Zombieguide reader Xan21 was lucky enough to attend the show and even walk away with a few autographs…

Well I just got back from the absolutely fantastic performance of The Cranberries.They performed seven (lucky number) songs, here’s the setlist:

1. Zombie
2. Analyse
3. Time Is Ticking Out
4. Linger
5. When You’re Gone
6. Free To Decide
7. Dreams

We arrived very early because I just wanted to be there on time. We waited in the car and there was this grey Mercedes which stopped at the entrance of the studio and this little woman got out of it and it was Dolores, she looked extremely cool I must say.

There were these bodyguards walking all over the place which was very cool, one of them was a very small guy, he looked like the brother of Mini Me from the Austin Powers film.

We went into the bar where they were playing ‘En Vogue’?? on the radio but then came The Cranberries, recorded live the day earlier, I think, because there were interviews between songs. Some people thought it was a bit out of tune and they were right and the tension grew for me, I really wanted her to sing [well].

Well Dolores proved it, it was absolutely fantastic, what a sound they had! It was extremely hard and very beautiful.

Dolores asked where the setlist was and then she saw it and it was written very small so she said, “Who wrote that? Micky Mouse? It’s so small!”. Well so is Dolores (and the rest of the band)!

Then they started playing Zombie, really really powerful, Dolores played guitar on this one.

Analyse is much harder live, which I think is way cooler, everyone really enjoyed that song, Dolores played guitar on this one too.

Then came Time, really funky track that is. I really like it and Dolores sang it extremely well, she just danced and sang.

Linger was beautiful, I can’t say more about that, she played the acoustic guitar.

When You’re Gone was very good, although Dolores’s low voice couldn’t be heard as well as on the other songs (because the music was so loud). I sang along with this one too and this woman looked at me as if she wanted to say, “Shut up!”.

Free To Decide, that one got everyone moving and at the ending Dolores started yodeling, I have never heard her doing that on this song, I loved it

Dreams was great as always, but I have to say that the back up singer was very very good, he didn’t annoy me at all, I even laughed at him when he looked at me, Dolores was being very funny because on the instrumental part of the song she started playing with the lights to make it look like a disco.

Dolores also asked if some girls knew some good shops because Dolores wanted to go shopping, she said!

Then the performance was over, it was short but I expected that, but we were a little pissed that we couldn’t get her [Dolores’s] autograph. BUT as we were grabbing our jackets I saw Fergal walking towards the toilets and I ran after him. When he came out I asked him to autograph The Complete Sessions for me and he did. He asked if we liked the performance and we were like, “Oh yeaaaaaahhh”. He said he found it very intimate and very cool, well so did I. [As for] Dolores, her voice was in great shape I must say

Can’t wait to see them back on the next tour, I’ll be there!

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