Dolores discusses 2002 tour, cynicism on 2FM

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Earlier today, Dolores had an interview via telephone with Irish radio station 2FM. The interview lasted only about 10 minutes, but that was plenty of time to hit several topics — the new album, the upcoming tour, and Dolores’s cooking!

We have some exclusive sound clips from that interview below… (Links no longer available)

One of the most (or least!) informative topics was discussion about the upcoming 2002 World Tour. On the topic, Dolores stated, “Yeah, what I’m thinking actually, we’re thinking about starting off in a hot climate, like maybe we’ll go to Australia, but I mean, God, I don’t know about America. Hopefully all this stuff will blow over and things will go back to normal there, you know? And we’re definitely going to do a few shows in Ireland on this tour. You know we did one the last time, I think it was Ministries — oh we did one in Dublin as well, and that was amazing, it was a castle! And it was totally cool, and the audience, and it was so into it, man! The atmosphere was absolutely killer!”
(MP3 clip, 410K) (Link no longer available)

Also, Dolores discussed her negativity and cynicism earlier in life and how she has changed.
(MP3 clip, 320K) (Link no longer available)

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