Re-edited “Analyse” video returns to airwaves

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A re-edited version of the music video for “Analyse” has made a hasty return to music stations. The video was pulled last week from airplay due to suggestive scenes including airplanes and skyscrapers that reflected the tragedies in America earlier this month.

The new edit, which aired yesterday on Canadian station MuchMoreMusic, sheds any references to the airplanes found previously in the video. The plane seen circling through the two twin skyscrapers has been digitally erased. The most butchered scene occurs near the end, where two airplanes were seen flying directly over Dolores. That scene has been replaced with slow-motion footage of Dolores dancing. However, the slow motion eventually turns into an overtly sloppy freeze-frame.

It is currently unknown for certain if the chalk outline of a body outside the skyscrapers (which unambigiously signifies death) has been removed. However, such a change would be probable.

Thanks to Jeremy West aka Doloresfan2000 for the info.

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