Band appearances on Spanish radio

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The Cranberries made three appearances today on different Spanish radio stations. Zombieguide contributor Jesus Castillo was able to get a synopsis of all three interviews:

1) M80

The DJ just said the band had been interviewed in that station some minutes ago, but the interview wasn’t broadcasted. Instead, the DJ talked briefly about how he had found Dolores and, afterwards the DJ’s WUASTC favourite track was played (studio version): track 7 WUASTC. Later on, he introduced “In the Ghetto” (studio version).


First, they played ANALYSE (studio version) and then they put a fragment of the interview thay had had with the Cranberries some hours before (about 5 mins). They said they would broadcast the rest on Monday so that they can have time to dub and translate the member of the band’s voices into Spanish.

3) CADENA 100 (40 minutes!)

The most interesting one – it was a live interview (I mean, not recorded some hours beforehand like the previous one). First, they played the studio version of ANALYSE and then the interview, with Dolores and Fergal, started. Throughout the interview they put clips of NEVER GROW OLD, IN THE GHETTO, THIS IS THE DAY and to close the program, the entire studio version of PRETTY EYES. The interview was very very interesting: they talked about the children of the members of the band, terrorism, the new album cover’s meaning, the success of the band, the exact procedence and meaning of her name, priorities in life, the meaning of NEVER GROW OLD,the different album releases of WUASTC, Storm Thorgerson, about why the election of IN THE GHETTO as a cover, Dolores’s new tattoo, their relationship with Stephen Street and their new company, Spanish food -she likes paella- and other minor subjects. After the band went out of the studio, the DJs commented on Dolores ́s beautiful behaviour and good manners ; and how their perspectives had changed with regards to Dolores because they had been told to be careful with her due to her reputation of “difficult woman” in interviews. They made emphasis on Dolores’s eyes: “a woman who haunts you with her beautiful and honest way of looking at you… and, more importantly, she always looks straight to your eyes”.

Dolores sounded really relaxed and it’s obvious she enjoyed the interview.

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