The Cranberries announce next single

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While the album isn’t even out yet, The Cranberries have chosen the successor to their current single, “Analyse”. The band chatted today online on the French Universal Music site, and while they did, they responded to several fans’ questions. Here’s a quick recap of the topics the group hit on:

· Among the band’s favorite French artists are Daft Punk, Modjo and Air
· Noel’s favorite guitar is the Les Paul Gibson
· The group noted that they love Storm Thorgerson’s artwork because they don’t want to have their faces on the front cover of albums
· No favorite song from “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” has emerged…
· The band has confirmed that they are indeed already writing material for a sixth album
· They are vigorously preparing for next year’s world tour
· Their favorite video to date is “Analyse”
· The Cranberries have chosen “Time is Ticking Out” as their next single

Thanks to Dan for the info.

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