MCA issues “Wake Up Rock Sampler” promo

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MCA Records has released a new promo CD for North America, a sampler of the rock tracks found on “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee”. The disc includes a radio edit of the disc’s title track, which has not been released on any other previous disc.

1. Wake Up And Smell The Coffee (Radio Edit) (3:42)
2. This is the Day (4:15)
3. Time Is Ticking Out (2:59)

In other new promo release news, MCA has released a 12″ promo of “Time is Ticking Out (Marius De Vries Remix)” which includes the normal remix as well as a previously-unreleased “Instrumental Mix” on Side B.

Side A
1. Time is Ticking Out (Marius De Vries Remix)

Side B
2. Time is Ticking Out (Marius De Vries Instrumental Mix)

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