“TITO” remix clip

February 3, 2002  |  Comments Off on “TITO” remix clip  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Cranberries of Prat has posted a clip of what appears to be a longer remix of “Time is Ticking Out”. Similar to the “Analyse Oceanic Remix Long Version,” the new remix includes nearly an extra minute of music after the final “beep” which was not found in the remix offered for download from the band’s official page. And what’s even better is the addition of some of Dolores O’Riordan’s tantilizing patened yodels!

“TITO Remix” (Single Version) Clip
(Zipped Real Media, 800K)
(Link no longer available)

Source: Cranberries of Prat

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