Irish Mirror: Cranberries star to help Chernobyl kids

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The following was in today’s Irish Mirror, which includes a lot of new quotes not listed in previous articles…



CRANBERRIES star Dolores O’Riordan yesterday revealed her transformation from rock chick to earth mother to help victims of the Chernobyl disaster.


The 30-year-old singer announced that all royalties from their latest single Time’s Ticking Away [sic] will go towards the Chernobyl Children’s Project.


She said: “The song was inspired by the children and they deserve the profits. Hopefully I can raise awareness.” She made the announcement at Dublin’s Clarence Hotel along with long-time friend and patron of the charity Ali Hewson – wife of U2 frontman Bono – and charity director Adi Roche.


She said Ali, an active supporter of the charity and a staunch anti-nuclear campaigner, was also an inspiration.


Dolores added: “I had spoken briefly with her on the subject before, but I was so moved that I wrote Time Is Ticking Out.


“I’ve always said when I got to a certain age I wanted to do something real, to give something back to the world.”


Dolores said her 30th birthday last September after the birth of her second child, daughter Molly in March, was the turning point for her.


The proud mother added: “There are a lot of women at 30 who are still out there wiggling their bums but I got to a point where I was tired of that. I wanted to do something more than be a rock chick.


“I’ve been there and done that and I think being a mother has made me feel a lot more giving.


“I was blessed with a beautiful little girl who was healthy.


“Yet when I spoke to Ali and started reading up on it, I was shocked that these children are still being born with horrible growths and deformities.”


Dolores said that the rest of the band completely support her move to donate the royalties adding: “They are quite honored to give this to charity.”


Anyone wishing to make a donation should contact TSB Bank, Lapps Quay, Cork. Account number 36410021 sort code 99 07 01.

Source: Irish Mirror

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