“Clockstoppers” OST tracklisting

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The official “Clockstoppers” webpage has posted the tracklisting for the “Clockstoppers” soundtrack, which is due out in the US on March 12.
“TITO” comes at the end of the soundtrack, which may suggest that it will be played over the ending credits of the movie — as the song title is appropriate with the movie’s plot.

1. Smashmouth “Holiday in My Head”
2. Lil’ J “It’s the Weekend”
3. Fenix TX “Song for Everyone”
4. Uncle Kracker “Time after Time”
5. Third Eye Blind “Never Let You Go”
6. Blink 182 “All the Small Things”
7. Nickelback “Breathe”
8. New Found Glory “The Minute I Met You”
9. Simple Plan “Worst Day Ever”
10. Dandy Warhols “Bohemian Like You”
11. Lit “Quicksand”
12. Scapegoat Wax “Space to Share”
13. Kool Keith “Know My Name”
14. Sugar Ray “Abracadabra”
15. The Cranberries “Time is Ticking Out”

Source: Official “Clockstoppers” Webpage

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