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The Cranberries played last night to a huge crowd in Stockholm, Sweden at the Arena. Karin Eckerberg was on hand at the gig to give this report…

I just came home from the Stockholm gig, and I have no words of describing just how wonderful it was. I’ve been waiting for 7 years to see them and this was truly the best day of my life! I was there quite early so I saw the boys do some rehearsing, they were playing some tune I didn’t recognize, either they were just improvising (who knows, maybe it’s the beginning of a new song) or it was some sort of cover, and Mike was dancing around in a very funny way. Anyways, after a couple of hours we started queuing — outside, it was COLD — and we did that for two hours before we were let in. Then we waited for another hour before the support band started; EP’s… eh something, I don’t remember the name. Quite good, kind of Travis-style but not half as good. They played for 45 min and then we waited for another hour before The Crans went on stage. Dolores was dressed in green with this long black coat-ish thing on top. The first song was “Zombie” and the crowd rocked (at least from where I stood — in the middle of the front row). She told us she was happy to be back (they haven’t been here for 7 and a half years) and that she loved the country. Next song was “How,” after that, I don’t remember the order of the songs that were played. They did play “Time is Ticking Out” though and she told us about the charity project (cheering crowd) and also they played “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” after telling us that it was about her second child Dolly and how she didn’t want to bring up children into such a horrible world. Other songs played in no specific order:

Free to Decide
When You’re Gone
The Rebels (she said it’s her favorite song)
Still Can’t…
Ode to My Family
I Can’t Be with You
Chocolate Brown
Animal Instinct
You and Me
Ridiculous Thoughts
Daffodil Lament
Desperate Andy

Before “Pretty” she changed clothes, she wore a short black and red camisole some sort of black leather pants with little pieces of other textiles as well as some ribbons… they’re very hard to describe but they were very nice. For the encore she changed into the dress used in promotion for BTH, that red and white one. After a few songs further, she put on a Swedish hockey jersey which she threw out to the crowd after the gig. Wish I’d managed to catch it but she threw it too far away…

The gig was absolutely amazing, the band rocked on, Dolores was dancing all the time and Noel was really cool too, playing turned to his shadow on the white screen (not all of the time though *lol*). I didn’t want the show to end… which it did… eventually… although they were playing for one and a half hours. I got myself a really nice t-shirt afterwards though, the new one is really cool 🙂

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