Sanremo Festival 2002 report

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Earlier this evening, The Cranberries performed at the Sanremo Festival 2002 in Sanremo, Italy. It was their first public appearence in nearly a week, spending most of the past few days in Paris to record the video for “This is the Day.”

The band performed “Analyse” for the awards ceremony, with a prerecorded background — the music started before Fergal even had the chance to pick up his drumsticks. Dolores wore black bell-bottom pants with white pinstripes in addition to an orange one-sleeved shirt. On her ears were an unusually large mass of earrings, with several hoops and studs in each. After the performance, the host beckoned Dolores to, “Stay here with me.” He then walked to the front of the stage and pulled flowers out of the set to hand them to her in a makeshift bouquet. She smiled, told the audience, “Thanks for the flowers,” while the “official” 3-tiered bouquet arrived in the hands of one of the show’s female hosts. Dolores gladly took them both.

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