Press Release: What’s in the Treasure Box?

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Earlier today, MCA Records released a press release for the upcoming North American release of “Treasure Box.” Most of the information is stale news, but it does in fact contain a few new tidbits, such as the fact that each new re-release contains newly-designed 12-page booklets.



The Cranberries, the biggest-selling Irish rock artists outside of U2, have always plowed their own path. Now, before the group has ever issued a “best of” collection in the U.S., The Cranberries are the subject of a box set that includes every released recording laid down during the sessions for their first four studio albums.


The four-CD set, Treasure Box – The Complete Sessions 1991-1999 (Island/UME), is being released May 14, 2002, just as the band kicks off its U.S. tour in support of its fifth studio album, 2001’s Wake Up And Smell The Coffee. Treasure Box contains 74 tracks–all of the selections from the first four albums plus 21 bonus b-sides, remixes, and tracks from non- Cranberries albums. In essence, Treasure Box offers expanded versions of each of the group’s albums, with individual jewel boxes including 12-page booklets. Each track has also been digitally remastered and each album features redesigned artwork.


CD 1 – Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We?/The Complete Sessions 1991-1993: In 1993, the Limerick band (singer Dolores O’Riordan, brothers Noel and Mike Hogan (guitar and bass, respectively) and drummer Fergal Lawler) went Top 10 and gold with “Linger,” and Top 10 and quintuple platinum with the album. The bonuses are “Reason,” “Them,” “What You Were,” “Liar,” “Pretty” (Pret A Porter Movie Remix) and “How” (Radical Mix).


CD 2 – No Need To Argue/The Complete Sessions 1994-1995: The second album debuted at #6 in 1994 and spawned the #1 Modern Rock hit “Zombie” and #11 “Ode To My Family,” and reached seven times platinum. The bonuses are “Away,” “I Don’t Need,” the Carpenters’ cover “(They Long To Be) Close To You,” “So Cold In Ireland” and “Zombie” (Camel’s Hump Mix).


CD 3 – To The Faithful Departed/The Complete Sessions 1996-1997: Moving from former Smiths producer Stephen Street for their first two albums to Aerosmith producer Bruce Fairbairn, The Cranberries rocked harder. The 1996 album debuted at #6 and is currently double platinum. The bonuses are “Cordell,” “The Picture I View,” “Ave Maria” (from a Luciano Pavarotti benefit album), “Go Your Own Way” (from a Fleetwood Mac tribute album) and “God Be With You.”


CD 4 – Bury The Hatchet/The Complete Sessions 1998-1999: The band returned to the more mellow sound of its beginnings via a new producer, Benedict Fenner, and the 1999 album debuted Top 15 and is now gold. The bonus tracks are “Baby Blues,” “The Sweetest Thing,” “Woman Without Pride,” “Such A Shame” and “Paparazzi On Mopeds.”

Source: MCA Records

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