Limerick Anniversary Concert date revealed

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Tour shirts being sold on The Cranberries’ current European leg of the “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” World Tour reveal a long-awaited tour date for the band’s hometown of Limerick, Ireland. Planning for a ten-year anniversary gig in Limerick has been in the works for several months, as the band has not played on their home turf since late 1993.

The shirts list August 3rd, 2002 as the date for the event. The date has yet to be listed by the constantly-updated itinerary found on the band’s official website, but the odds of printing T-shirts with “unconfirmed” tour dates are next to nothing. Organizers expect the large-scale concert to take place at the newly-constructed Limerick Racecourse in Patrickswell. No word yet on what other events will coincide with the ten-year anniversary festivities, but the sheer thought of it makes us giddy! Stay tuned to Zombieguide for the latest updates on this event.

Thanks to Susan Bakker for the news.

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