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Yesterday, CNN Headline News aired an hourly “On the Road” segment featuring The Cranberries and highlighting the band’s upcoming North American tour. The “surprise” interview came as a bit of a shock to some (including yours truly), as Headline News is most likely the most-watched news channel in the United States. For those that missed it, we have the entire segment transcribed here:

Anchor: …A check of local news is next for many of you, and for others, music hits the road — The Cranberries want you to wake up and smell the coffee before time ticks out!


(A video clip of “Time is Ticking Out” plays and then switches to the song being played live during the band’s press tour last August. Fade out to commercial)


Anchor: The Cranberries have been on the music scene for more than a decade. The band just launched a new tour that it’s hoping will keep fans wrapped around its finger. They talked with JoAnn Sioux on this Music on the Road.


(Music on the Road intro. “Time is Ticking Out” video clip)


Dolores: We all grew up together and we met each other as teenagers and then we became celebrities together and then we became parents kind of at the same time. So, it was kind of nice, we’ve all gone through similar things at the same time.


Anchor: More than eleven years after they first formed in Ireland, The Cranberries are still hard at work, making music together.


(A video clip of “Time is Ticking Out” plays and then switches to the song being played live during the band’s press tour last August. )


Anchor: The band is on a world tour in support of “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee,” The Cranberries’ first new album in two years. And its a title that seems to reflect their state of mind.


(“Analyse” video clip)


Dolores: It’s kind of like I have an awakening that occurred right now in my life. Its kind of like I’ve just woken up and smelled the coffee.


Fergal: I think all of us have just become more relaxed and and we’re kind of trying mostly just to enjoy it and have fun as much as we can.


Anchor: Their guitar-driven pop sound and the distinctive vocals of Dolores O’Riordan helped The Cranberries break on the music scene in the early 1990s.


(“Free to Decide” live)


Anchor: After scoring a string hit singles early on and selling millions of albums, the band denied rumors a few years back of O’Riordan possibly leaving to pursue a solo career. These days, the Cranberries are happily together, doing what they love.


Dolores: As long as the fans are happy and people like our music and what not, as long as there’s a crowd to play to and it’s kind of worth our while going out there doing what we do…


Anchor: The Cranberries will swing through Montreal on May 10th before heading to Philadelphia, Boston, and New York.


(End of “Zombie” live)


Anchor: JoAnn Sioux, CNN Entertainment News, Los Angeles

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