Individual re-releases postponed until Fall

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Back in March, the Official Cranberries Website made the announcement that “all 4 CDs [included in the “Treasure Box”] (which are individually packaged!) will also be made available for separate purchase, later in the year.” The individual re-releases were originally intended to be released alongside May 14th’s “Treasure Box” boxed set. The set was released last month in Europe.

The May ’02 issue of the American release dates magazine Ice reports that the release of the four individual CDs have been postponed until Fall 2002. The reason for the delay of the bonus-packed re-releases, which will replace the band’s first four now out-of-print albums, has not been given.

One explanation may be that the band also plans to release a “Greatest Hits” disc sometime this fall, which may include new material. The releases may be scheduled to coincide with each other, but this is only speculation at the moment.

Source: Ice Magazine

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