Rare “Disappointment”, “Bosnia” live MP3 downloads

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Long thought to be non-existant, live versions of two very rare songs have just recently surfaced on the trading scene. Previously thought to be album- only, live versions of No Need To Argue’s “Disappointment” and “To the Faithful Departed” ‘s ending plea “Bosnia” have come to the surface in an amateur video bootleg. The show was recorded on December 9, 1994, at the Astro Arena, in Houston, Texas.

“Disappointment” was originally only a studio experiment by the band. Toying around with a crude melody for a few days in the studio, the band finally formed the track, and deemed it fit for the album. “Bosnia” was written after Dolores was contacted by War Child and her awareness of the turmoil of Eastern Europe was enlightened. Given the orchestral style of “Bosnia”, one would usually exclude it from a live set. But now, both have come to light in live versions for the very first time.

Below are some exclusive MP3s of each song. With the removal of “Bosnia” ‘s trademark boys’ choir, saw, and music box, Dolores’ vocals are substituted, which makes for a completely different listening experience.

· Disappointment (Live in Houston) (MP3, 5.8 MB) (Link no longer available)
· Bosnia (Live in Houston) (MP3, 7.3 MB) (Link no longer available)

In related news, a live version of “Close to You”, the Carpenters’ cover, has also recently been found. The recording comes from the complete 1994 show of Feile Tipperary, Ireland.

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