World Tour unlikely to hit London

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“Nah, I don’t think we’re going back to London. They don’t like us there very much,” Dolores told a small gathering of fans Friday night outside the Hammerstein Ballroom in New York City. Her comically pouting face belied her sincerity, but she may not have been exaggerating — UK tour dates have been sparse within the last few years, and the turnout has been far from overwhelming.

Friday’s concert was a special one for its audience; it was the band’s first concert in New York since terrorism rocked the city last September. “ZOMBIE was next and took on a whole new meaning to the NYC crowd as Dolores said the song was about terrorism and she was very very sorry for what happened here. It was angry, filled with raw emotion and very vibrant. It brought chills up and down my spine,” said Tom Morgan, a Zombieguide visitor who attended the show. “The final song had Dolores put on a T-shirt with the American flag on it and she said ‘We’re behind you 150%’. DREAMS was highlight video film material as she yelled DREAMS and brought the house down. Everyone was into this one as the band played flawlessly and Dolores had the crowd sing half the lyrics.”

Of course, Dolores’ joking should by no means exclude the possibility of future UK tour dates, but it seems that the band has no plans to tour the islands extensively anytime soon.

Thanks to Erix and Tom Morgan for the info.

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