Zombieguide @ Wolf Trap: Merchandise report

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Of course no concert is complete without raiding the Merchandise Booth. Take a look at some of the fine wares being offered on the current tour. Note that we’ll try to remember prices as best as we can, but some may only be approximate.

Tour Poster: $5
It’s small, granted, but the tour posters were the only venue-specific items at the show, even though I didn’t realize it right away. Each mini-poster includes the show’s city, venue, and date at the bottom, making it an ideal momento of the concert.

Glow Stick: $5
Snap it in half and get a bright fluorescent glow that lasts for several hours and can been seen from a pretty good distance. They are connectable, so you can stock up and really put on a show in the crowd. Don’t be afraid to crack it too early — ours lasted for well over 12 hours (with some refrigeration). Although surprisingly, not too many people in the audience seemed to have one. Also, beware the graphic is only a sticker so it can and does wear if you’re shaking it around a good bit (as you can see by the picture).

Laminate Lanyard: $12
Impress your friends with your pseudo-backstage pass! Simply open up the plastic, pull out the wax paper, stick in your ticket stub, and seal. But don’t expect to actually go anywhere with it — it says “NO BACKSTAGE ACCESS” directly under where the ticket goes. (Autographs not included, of course.)

T-Shirt: $25
Ok, so it’s not the most original thing in the world, but there’s nothing more classic than a concert tee. There were several designs available (only one seen above), including a tan “circles” motif and a gray athletic-type shirt with long sleeves cut short (may have been a ladies’ shirt).

Tourbook/Program: $10
One of the most worthwhile things (highly recommended) to pick up was the tourbook. There’s ten pages (front and back, including cover) filled with some great pictures, although not a whole lot of reading material. However, it’s our favorite item at the moment, so be sure to pick one up.

Sorry we couldn’t show you everything, but there are several other items worth mentioning. First is the “condom keychain” ($8) — a blue hollow keychain with a Cranberries logo, filled with, well you can figure the rest out. The backpack is small and simple, so you may not want to use it for carrying around your massive college textbooks. A hooded fleece was also available, although we admittedly didn’t get a very good look at it.

Also, one last tip: we heard on our way out that several items were sold out by the end of the show. It’s a good idea to hit the booth early, not to mention to avoid the after-show rush.

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