Summer dates for Spain, France

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Several various sources in Europe have reported upcoming Cranberries tour dates on the continent, and all of the accounts match up very well.

Days ago, a newspaper in Málaga, Spain reported that the band would be playing in the city this summer. Now, with a little bit of research, it has been discovered that the tentative date for this show is July 24th, with Australian Blonde as the opening act.

French ticket site TicketNet has just posted yet another tour listing, this time for July 28th at the Theatre Antique in Vienne, France, which will be a summer festival. The site is currently selling seats at a price of 36 Euro.

In related tour news, Dolores told a sold-out crowd in Vienna, VA, last week that the band would be returning to North America in a brief period of time. “We’re not lying this time!” she joked with the crowd, as Dolores has made many such promises to audiences in the past with little follow-up. There’s no information of exactly when the band will be returning to North America after the current tour, but if MCA is smart, perhaps they’ll return this fall to promote the upcoming “greatest hits” disc.

Is another Euro tour on schedule? The Magic Eight Ball says, “Signs point to yes!”
Thanks to Stéphane for the tip.

Partial Source: Cranberries of Prat

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