Exclusive: remastered album release dates

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Earlier today, Universal Music updated their Business-to-Business-only Extranet site with some new information regarding the new individual album re-releases, information which Zombieguide was able to obtain. According to the new catalogues, the remastered re-releases of “Everybody Else…” through “Bury the Hatchet” will hit store shelves in North America on July 30th. The new remastered albums are simply individual, separate releases of the four CDs found in the newly-released Treasure Box boxed set. It was originally believed that these individual releases would not be out until fall.

The new remastered albums, which contain all of the B-sides from that album’s recording, will replace the original issues of the albums, which are now out of print. Cassettes of the original releases will still be available in their original form. You read it here first on Zombieguide!

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