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Zombieguide has translated the full Fergal Lawler interview from Reforma, in which he speaks for the first time about the band’s two new songs, entitled “New York Skyline” and “Star”. Check it out below

The Cranberries dedicate a song to NY
The track will be included in their upcoming “Greatest Hits”
By ALBERTO CASTLE/ Reforma Group


City of Mexico (11 June 2002). – The pain that the terrorist attacks on New York, which happened on Sept. 11th of last year, has caused to The Cranberries has become a new song that the Irish band will include in a greatest hits album that will be released this autumn, revealed drummer Fergal Lawler on Monday.


“New York Skyline” was written three weeks ago during The Cranberries’ first performance [since the attacks] in the city of New York.


In a telephone conference from Puerto Rico, Lawler indicated that song in question, called “New York Skyline”, will try to show the feeling that has permeated in the Great Apple in the nine months since the attacks on the Twin Towers.


The musician remembered that their video clip for the track “Analyse” was recalled due to images of airplanes flying over skyscrapers and of a chalk outline of a body on the sidewalk.


“Honestly it’s one of the worst videos that we’ve ever done, the director didn’t get the idea of what we wanted. That video came out four weeks before the attacks, and once we saw the similarity with the attacks, we decided to recall it so that we didn’t hurt anyone in such terrible times.”


“‘New York Skyline’ was written three weeks ago when we had our first performance in the city since the attacks. The song speaks a little bit about how the spirit of New York is nowadays,” he said.


Scheduled to arrive in Mexico in two weeks with the Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour (25 and 26 of June in the National Auditorium, and the 28 in the Benito Ju├írez Auditorium in Guadalajara), Lawler added that the compilation disc will contain all of the radio hits of their career, and in addition to “New York…”, it will include “Star,” another unpublished song.


According to the companion of Dolores O’Riordan (vocals), Noel Hogan (guitar) and Mike Hogan (bass), the difference between the next disc and the box of 4 albums titled “Treasures Box,” is that the box contains no previously-unreleased material.


“When we record an album, we usually record 19 or 20 songs and only choose 14 [for the album], so there are always excess tracks. Bury the Hatchet even took a second disc to contain all the extra songs.”


“Actually, the box came about so that fans could have all our songs, the published ones, the unpublished ones, and B-sides.”

Source: Reforma

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