New song titles revealed!!

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Zombieguide has just learned that The Cranberries drummer Fergal Lawler has just divulged the titles to the two new tracks currently being recorded with Stephen Street. The reported titles for the two new songs are “New York Skyline” and “Star”. The information reportedly comes from an interview given to a Mexican newspaper, while the band is currently in Puerto Rico at the moment.

Fergal noted that “New York Skyline” was written about the horrendous terrorist attacks on American soil last September — a topic which Dolores told Edge 102 late last year that she had already written some songs about.

Dolores told the Canadian station in November, “There’s been a couple of songs actually that have definitely been affected or influenced by what happened, you know? So hopefully you’ll see those kinds of things next year. As I said, I didn’t want to kind of run out, jumping on stage singing all that stuff, which is the one route one can take, but I just personally felt safer at home and just felt that’s where we should be. So if you get inspired to write lovely songs or whatever, then good, you know, whatever.”

Fergal did not give any further information about “Star” beyond its title.

The full article is in Spanish we’ll have a translation as soon as possible!

Major thanks to Ana Paola Espinoza Medina for the news.

Source: Reforma

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