Julieta Venegas to open Mexican gigs

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Several Mexican newspapers have reported this weekend the Mexican rock singer Julieta Venegas will open for all three of The Cranberries’ Mexican tour dates. One paper, “El Universal,” interviewed the singer on what she thought of opening for such an enormous act. Here’s a translation of the article, thanks to Scott!

The Mexican assures the contract was made between the Irish band and a girl who sells her dates.


For the first time in her career, Julieta Venegas will be opening three concerts for a band like the Cranberries, who counts with a ten year career and is the second most important band after U2.


But the singer says she didn’t have to do anything to appear as the opening act for the gigs that Dolores O’Riordan and company will be offering in Guadalajara and in the Distrito Federal (Mexico city).


“The contact was made thanks to a girl who sells my dates in the United States and they did it directly with her; she told them about me, I imagine they liked my music and I’m looking forward to see them at the concert to say hello.” said the singer who was born in Tijuana.


It has to be mentioned that Julieta was the opening act for bands like Soda Stereo, los fabulosos Cadillacs, and Suzanne Vega. For the next concerts she will sing a selection of songs of her two previous albums.


Besides these special presentations, Venegas said that today she is leaving to Los Angeles, California, to look for a producer for her next album which according to her “will have more influences, not that much rock, but disco and hip-hop; besides I think it’s too early to talk about my new material, but I already have the lyrics for all the songs”, she said. The recoding will take place at the end of the year and the beginning of next year is the temptative release date.


Among other projects she’s done this past days, the Tijuanan specified that she recorded the cover of “El liston de tu pelo” of the Angeles Azules, for the film “Asesino en Serio” from Antonio Urrutia, where she is accompanied by Jarabe de Palo (Spanish band).


Likely, she participated in the recording of a pair of songs for the new discogrphic material of Celso PiƱa (Colombian artist), who is planning a crossover with rockers.

Source: El Universal

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