Busy day in Mexico City

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Dolores & Co. hosted a proverbial blitzkrieg of promotional events in Mexico City today, including a press conference, a radio interview, and an autograph signing session, with more coming this week.

The promised press conference took place at the Four Seasons hotel in Mexico City. Our own Eduardo from Zombieguide Mexico was one of the select few able to attend the conference, and we’ll hopefully have lots of photos and information once he checks in with us. Also in the day was an interview for the station Orbita 105.

Rounding out the afternoon was an autograph session at the Mixup Plaza Loreto which began at approximately 2:50 PM. Some fans began lining up at Mixup as early as midnight last night. Our contributor Arturo arrived in line at 3:30 AM and was the 12th person in line. He remained there for the next 12 hours to get a chance to meet the band face-to-face. Autographs were available only to people holding a copy of “Wake Up And Smell the Coffee,” and were generally restricted to one per person. However, Arturo was sly enough to own all four international copies of the album and had them all signed by the band! Only the first 200 people were guaranteed a signing, but the band stayed long enough to sign an additional 100 for the long line of people gathered at the Mixup.

Tomorrow, the band will appear on Telehit’s Linea Directa television show to answer fans’ questions live on the air. Also, the band will be doing an interview for 98.5 Radio. And of course, all of this is a only an hors d’ouvres for the big event, the band’s first concert in Mexico City for the Wake Up And Smell The Coffee World Tour.

Thanks to Arturo Garcia for all the news.

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