The Cranberries to allow MCA contract to expire (UPDATED)

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Weeks ago, drummer Fergal Lawler put the situation very bluntly on the official page, saying, “We weren’t sure what to expect as some (not all), members of our record company informed us that in their eyes, “Wake Up And Smell The Coffee” is “over” in America, and they have moved on to other things. Not exactly the words of encouragement you would like to hear as you are about to embark on a U.S. tour!!! But thanks to you, our incredibly supportive fans we say F*** ’em!!! We are here to play music and enjoy every minute of it, and thankfully that’s the way it’s been working out!”

Their response? According to the band’s press conference today, drop MCA! In all honesty and reason, why would they keep a record company that not only does no work for the band, but slaps them with an insult like the one above? After only a year of being signed onto MCA’s boat, they are abandoning ship, and fast.

UPDATE – JUNE 25 – 9:00 PM

It seems our translation was interpreted a little bit on the liberal side. Judging from other information flowing out from the press conference, it seems most likely that The Cranberries will simply fulfill the 6- album requirement that they signed on with and then allow the contract to expire with Universal. That is, after they’ve fulfilled it, don’t expect them to re-sign for more CDs on any Universal label anytime in the future.

It should be noted that the upcoming “Best Of” disc is still on track for a September release on Island Records. The just-reported article from Reforma breaks the news, although it does no mention where the band is looking for a further record company. If someone can provide us with a better translation than our rough one below, please email it!

World-wide situation worries The Cranberries


They consider to compose relevant songs on more serious topics although they recognize that a song will not change the world


Mexico City (24 June 2002). – The Irish group The Cranberries considered it important this Monday to approach universal conflicts in their music as they have done with “Zombie” or “New York Sky Line”. However, they recognized that a song cannot change to the world.


Dolores O’Riordan, singer, indicated that she won’t always do it because they could bore their followers, but this type of situation has to be shared.


“I believe that life is much more enjoyable, not only with songs about love or children, its great to compose songs on more serious topics even though I do not believe that a song changes the situation, but wakes up people’s consciences that it happens.


“I believe that there will always be terrorism and it will always be cowardly because simply it is the human race”, indicated the singer in a press conference.


Prior to their presentations at the National Audience and Benito Juárez in Guadalajara where they will present their fifth record production titled “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee,” the musicians indicated that now that when they conclude their contract with this record company [MCA], they will create a new style.


Without any pretensions of splitting up, Fergal Lawler, drummer of The Cranberries considered it necessary to explore greater musical styles, but that this will [not] be [until] after two more discs, one of greatest hits and another unpublished [studio] one, with the sound that until now has characterized them.


In addition, they announced that the concerts will be the 25 and 26 in the City of Mexico and the 28 in Guadalajara.

There you have it, we’ll have more from the press conference ASAP!
Thanks to Arturo Garcia for the tip. Also thanks to Matias “Walko” Walkoski for some help with the translation.

Source: Reforma

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