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At 8:30 this morning Irish time (3:30 EST) Dolores and Don arrived to talk on 2FM’s “Full Irish Breakfast Show.” For those that missed it or couldn’t convince themselves to stay up at such an unruly hour, we’ve got the best of it transcribed here.

“Is that your third cigarette, I thought you were quitting out there?” Dolores scolded her husband. “He’s like, ‘I’ll quit if you quit,’ and then I quit and then he doesn’t quit and then I have one… Well, you know I quit for two and a half days, but it’s really hard when you’re husband’s sitting beside you being a chimney!”

Talking about the just-completed video for “Stars,” Dolores went on, “We were shooting a video for the last two days just on the outskirts of Dublin — Wicklow area — it was kinda cool actually. We’ve got some beautiful countryside here. I swear, it’s so like Dingle, about the same amount of sheep, you know? …And I must apologize to Arthur for bringing in sheep poop on my shoes but it couldn’t be helped ‘cos I was in my hotel room and I tried to clean them in the sink but then I thought, the poor women are gonna come in to clean up my hotel room and there’s gonna be sheep poop in the sink!”

Apparently director Jake Nava had some grand plans for “Stars” as the video features at least one, if not several, helicopter-filmed aerial shots. “The last shot last night it was like — you do your lip synching and stuff like that, we did some weird stuff — we did one shot in the middle of the mountains and there was this chopper that came over the hill and there was this cameraman hanging out the side of the chopper and I’m thinking, He’s mad,” Dolores recollects.

“Yeah, but he’s doing it just for you,” reminds one of the show’s hosts.

“But he does that and he’s used to it or whatever, but there was nothing around except a drum kit. It was a very Monty Python-looking kind of event really. But I’m sure it’ll look really nice when it’s edited and all that stuff,” she adds.

Anyone who’s taken a peek at the band’s fall touring schedule might have noticed the one-month void between mid-September and mid-October. As with most things, there’s a reason for this and Dolores was all too happy to explain. “Taylor is four and a half and he’s starting school next week so I’m taking a big career break to take him to school… I’m going to take four weeks off actually.”

And lest we forget…”The sixth [of September]… is my birthday so if anyone out there wants to send me a present or a note or a birthday card, bring ’em on!”

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