Dolores Confirms a “New Sound” for Sixth Album!

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You will well remember when the Mexican press ran a a series of articles on the band’s future back in late June. As it ends up, most of the more shocking pieces (like the article titled “Cranberries Plan to Separate”) were officiallydismissed as gross mistranslations. However, apparently one stunning fact was reported correctly: the band is currently preparing for a more experimental sixth album.

Earlier today in a press conference held in Madrid, Dolores gave her thoughts on the band’s newly-developing material. After the current “Best Of” tour, The Cranberries will return to the studio “to work hard on a new sound. After five albums, I think we have achieved our own particular sound. Now it is time to find a new one,” Dolores told the press. But don’t worry — the change may not be as drastic as it seems. She hinted that the new material may bear some likeness to “Stars” and “New New York.”

But the time to go back to the studio is heavily dependent on the current “Best Of” tour and also the success of “Stars: The Best of the Cranberries 1992-2002.” Dolores noted that if the greatest hits compilation is received well, they will tour throughout 2003. However, once the world tour is over, the band will immediately head to the studio for their sixth offering (and presumably the last on the Universal label).

Also during the press conference, she denied the previous Spanish-based reports that she would be singing in Spanish on the new album (a language that she doesn’t speak anyway). However she did comment that if she were to sing in another language other than English, she would choose Romance languges like Spanish, French, or Italian rather than Germanic languages like German or Dutch.

Thanks to Dummy from the forums for the news — we’ll have more from the Madrid interviews and press conference as soon as it’s available!

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