Cranberries In Negotiations for New Contract

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Ever since the band’s announcement in late June that they would be parting from Universal after their sixth album, the same question appeared on the minds of all fans: Where will The Cranberries go to release their music? In an interview taken by MTV this weekend in Bologna, Italy, Noel tells that they are “still in negotiations” and have no concrete, definite plans as of yet. Here’s an excerpt:

Host: It’s over with Universal, right? And what are you going to choose? Major [label]? Indie? Or is it going to be yourselves and start a new label?

Dolores: Noel can be diplomatic and answer that one. Go on, Noel.

Noel: We’re kind of in negotiations at the moment, so we’re not too sure yet. We’ve still got one more album with Universal, so it depends on what happens between now and then.

The entire interview can be found here on’s MTV Day interview page. On the same site, you’ll also find that MTV Italy has posted yet anothergallery of photos, this time with 20 pictures dedicated to The Crans.

Thanks to several readers for the tip.


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