Beneath the Skin Version 2 Screencaptures, Features

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Norbert of Zombieguide Europe was able to get his hands on the newly- released “Beneath the Skin Version 2” and brings us this handfull of screencaptures and info on the new version. Norbert notes that the long- promised menu changes are “very easy.” They include some classic Cranberries sounds and some never-before seen photos (like the one below).

To cut straight to the chase, here’s what you’ll find on the new version:

DVD Features:
· Live in Paris, December 9th, 1999 concert
· 26-minute “Wake Up and Smell the Coffee” documentary (released as a promo-only “Electronic Press Pack” previously) (see images below)
· New menu configuration (see image below)
· Live videos (same as found on original release)
Hollywood (Detroit 1996)
How (1993)
Yesterday’s Gone (MTV Unplugged 1995)
Saving Grace (Hamburg 1999)
· Music Videos
Animal Instinct
Just My Imagination
Time Is Ticking Out
· Audio Setup
· Track Selection

DVD-ROM Functions:
· Wallpaper
· Karaoke-style lyrics alongside concert
· Interactive slide show
· Link to official website
· “Salvation” MP3

You can expect more captures from the new DVD soon on Zombieguide Europe. We’ll have a review of the North American version soon after its release next week.


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