Dolores on Cover of “Irish Independent”

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The Cranberries’ frontwoman appears on the cover of the September 14th issue of Irish Independent supplement “Weekend,” with a 3-page interview in its pages. Best of all, there are five new photos of O’Riordan; we’ve got the exclusive scans! As with other recent interviews, this one was done right in her own home, with pictures of Dolores sitting at the piano and in front of her bar.

“It’s a total cliche,” she tells interviewer John Daly, “but, you know, the kids really do change everything. I’d probably still be out there gigging in strange cities for a few extra meaningless zeros on a paycheque if it wasn’t for them. They gave me a whole new focus, they affect everything I do from the way I write to the way I perform. I’ve come a long way from having CNN as my only buddy haven’t I?”

And when asked if she would allow Taylor or Molly to get into the music business? “…If it’s what they really want to do. And you know what, I’ll be their manager because I’ve learned all the tricks, honey, all the tricks. With good ‘ol Mammy looking out for them, they can’t fail.” If that’s not a good offer, I don’t know what is! Molly and Taylor should definitely consider…

Of course you can read an puruse everything in its entirety below, only on Zombieguide.

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