Cranberries to Film “Behind the Scenes” Documentary

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In an interview taken last month by Canal Plus (Belgium), Dolores tells the network that the band is planning to film a new ‘behind the scenes’ documentary about the band’s offstage life.

“In the next few months, then, what we’re gonna do is to hire a cameraman that we know very very well to hang out with us,” Dolores revealed. “So like, just to do footage of what it’s really like, you know? ‘Cos there’s a couple of guys we know really well now from being in it for years, like, a couple of guys from Dreamchaser, a company in Ireland… There’s a couple of guys there that we know very well now from over the years, so we’ll probably bring one of those out for a week or two and do a video as well of that, the real side of it.”

“Stuff people normally wouldn’t see,” Ferg added.

Dolores concurs, saying, “In like, the shower, [Editor’s note: !], doing your scales, warming up, making your tea and all that business.”

The interviewer asks, “A bit like reality TV?”

“Kind of like that, yeah. Something more… cos like we thought about doing it before, but the problem was that we really didn’t have the time. But now it’s a good idea with the greatest hits to do something like that because I’m sure people are interested in what goes on behind the stage, kind of behind the scenes,” Dolores (correctly) replies.

Fergal also spoke for a bit on the upcoming “Stars: The Best of The Cranberries” DVD, due out next month. “There’s also a DVD of the singles collection. We’re going to try to get that together and all the videos we’ve done from the start til now, because in some places people might not have seen them. [Sometimes the videos] were just released in certain territories, some of them.”

Be sure to check out the long interview in streaming Windows Media formathere at the Canal Plus website.

Thanks to Uriel for the tip!

Source: Canal Plus

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