“The Story” Mystery Solved!

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You know, we really didn’t expect the mystery of “The Story” to be solved so quickly — much less by these means!

Lou, an avid Cranberries fan and freelance writer working in France had the extreme pleasure of interviewing Dolores O’Riordan yesterday via phone in Paris for an upcoming print interview. She writes:

“Yesterday, I interviewed Dolores for a French magazine. And I asked her about “The Story” … Do you wanna know? It’s a song called “The Same Old Story” that has only been played twice and never been recorded. Also, I’ve got some pictures of the Golden Record they have received, but I’ll upload them tonight, and they’ll be on www.mademoisellenothomb.com/olympia.htmaround midnight… I’ve also got pics of Dolores.

“It’s for a French magazine, but as I’m in freelance for the moment, I can’t say the name. The interview was by phone around 12 o’clock, and lasted 20 minutes. I did the interview, and then I spoke a little with her, asking her if she remembered me… She did, wow! (I told her about Monaco.)

“So, trust me, my information is true! You can’t imagine how happy I was when Dolores remembered the name of the song… She didn’t even have it in mind, she took five minutes to remember the name!”

So there you have it! It looks like the book is closed on yet another mystery song title. New information on “The Same Old Story” will be added to theComplete Songlist.

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