“Stars” DVD Scans and Screencaps

November 12, 2002  |  Comments Off on “Stars” DVD Scans and Screencaps  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

The DVD “Stars: The Best of Videos 1992-2002” has already been released in a few select European countries. Below we have several scans of the new release, including the outer art and the inner booklet (which looks to be more comprehensive than the “Beneath the Skin” sheet). As can be seen, the art is heavily borrowed from the “Stars” album release, with a few alterations as needed.

In addition, you can check out over 100 DVD image captures here, mostly taken from the “Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll” documentary and the “Stars” video.

Big thanks to Patrick for both the scans and the captures.

(images no longer available)

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