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Just a few days ago, you’ll no doubt recall that we posted a new interview with Dolores from the French version of Rolling Stone in the Magazines section of the site. Ever since, the discussion forums have been ablaze with speculation on what Dolores had to say…

So what is it that Dolores is talking about that has everyone running in circles? The sixth album. Here’s a human translation, done by Guillaume:

“For me, this Best Of is the end of an era and the beginning of another one. I’m not quite sure yet what the new era is going to be like, but it definately is going to be very different. The next album may not even be a Cranberries album, it could be released through another identity, be a soundtrack for a movie, what do I know? I could decide to take a new direction and try to be an actress for a year. It’s like being with someone for years and doing the same thing over and over again; there are all these things that you would like to try. So we are going to start to do it right now. You know, stretch our wings and go where we never went before.”

Huge thanks to Guillaume (aka Insider27) for the translation.

Source: Rolling Stone France

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