New Commercial Bootleg, Spanish Sampler

November 19, 2002  |  Comments Off on New Commercial Bootleg, Spanish Sampler  |  by Zombieguide Archives  |  The Cranberries

Collectors on the lookout for the latest and greatest have two new items to look for to add to their collections.

The first is a new commercially-pressed bootleg titled simply “Live at Olympia”. The bootleg is an “excellent sound quality” recording of the October 16th Olympia Music Hall concert in Paris, France. No word yet under what label the bootleg is being manufactured, although it appears to have been crafted by the same group that released both “French Dreams” and “Les Printemps de Bourges”. (“Printemps” was released under the pseudo-label “France Inter Records.”) And, once again it seems, is listed on the back for “other info on internet.” Tracklisting is:

1. Analyse
2. New New York
3. Ode to My Family
4. Linger
5. Animal Instinct
6. Just My Imagination
7. Free to Decide
8. Hollywood
9. Desperate Andy (Long)
10. I Can’t Be With You
11. When You’re Gone
12. Stars
13. Salvation
14. Zombie
15. Ridiculous Thoughts
16. This Is The Day
17. Promises
18. Dreams

In related news, Universal Spain has sent out 5-track samplers for “Stars” to media outlets on the Iberian Peninsula. A small scan of the cover image can be seen below.

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