Official Updated Album Sales Figures

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For the first time in approximately two years, the Official Cranberries Website has updated the “Album Sales” page on in its “Stats” section. The band’s earlier albums have accumulated a few hundred thousand sales each since the last update. The band’s (approximate) sales stand currently as follows:

Everybody Else Is Doing It  7,600,000

No Need To Argue  16,700,000

To The Faithful Departed  6,200,000

Bury The Hatchet  3,300,000

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee  1,300,000

Stars – Best Of 1992-2002  1,100,000

Miscellaneous combinations / limited edition  1,800,000 approx

(These stats as of November 2002)

The updated statistics certainly clear up a bit of speculation. The Irish magazine Hot Press reported in April of 2000 that “Bury the Hatchet” had already sold 5 million, which apparently by these stats, makes it an erranous report.

Source: Official Cranberries Website

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