Sunday Independent: Big Break for 2003, New Song Played!

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An interview out of the November 24th issue of the Irish newspaper, the Sunday Independent divulges more details about The Cranberries’ future plans than what we have amassed in the span of the last several months. Below are some pieces that we’ve pulled out of the article.

Dolores told the Sunday Independent that she plans to spend a good deal of money to be home for Taylor’s fifth birthday, which occurs later this week (30,000 Euros [$29,800 US] for the private jet alone). “He’ll never be five again. I don’t care about the money,” she admits. “I’m a mother more than I’m a rock star.”

According to the article, the band plans to take nearly the entire year of 2003 off. “We were asked to go to Asia in January but I couldn’t,” Dolores says during the interview in Milan. Dolores and Noel plan to do some writing in the Spring for an “experimental” sixth album, while Fergal hinted only days ago that some touring plans for the summer are in the works. In April, guitarist Noel Hogan plans to run the annual London marathon — as he runs 15 miles every other day.

As for the new material, Dolores sat herself behind the white piano at soundcheck in Milan to play a new song for the interviewer. The interviewer describes the song as “left-of-centre” and “ethereal, surreal, sad, beautiful, and trance-like. And decidedly unlike anything we’ve ever head Dolores play before.”

Dolores also told the Sunday Independent that she may use time next year to take professional acting lessions. On a rather shocking sidenote, she relates that she was offered an acting part in the movie Titanic, the highest- grossing film of all time. Additionally, she was offered the chance to write music for the film. She flatly declined both offers.

There’s tons more to be read out of the new interview, so head over to theMagazines section to view full scans from the Sunday Independent. You won’t regret it.

Huge thanks to an anonymous contributor for the scans.

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