Cranberries to Open for the Rolling Stones

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According to an interview with Cranberries bassist Mike Hogan that appeared in Tuesday’s edition of the Mexican newspaper El Universal, The Cranberries are on tap to open for the classic rockers The Rolling Stones sometime next year.

“We have the same company that schedules our tours, so they proposed it to us to be part of it and of course we accepted, although it’ll only be five or six dates in Europe,” Mike told the paper while in Treviso, Italy earlier this month.

The gigs are likely to come in early summer, as Fergal Lawler wrote on the Official Website last month, “We will be doing some shows with some other artists in June and July to wrap up a great 2 years on the road.”

When asked if The Cranberries had any plans to release a full live album anytime soon, Mike said that no such plans were on the drawing board. “I don’t believe we’ll do one, although it’s only been a few days since we released a DVD with a live show that we recorded in Paris, France.”

Mike also went on to talk about the importance of his family life and how it fits in with the band. “Having a family makes things easier and we have more fun because you can go home and take your time with your family. In addition, it lets us do new things in our music, (it makes it) more happy and optimistic. It’s been a big influence.”

Thanks to Reynel for the info.

Source: El Universal

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