First Details: Dolores O’Riordan Solo Project

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In an interview from the forthcoming Cranberries edition of the Hot Press Collectors’ Series, Dolores relates the somewhat shocking news that she will be recording her first solo album, because, she says, “the boys need some freedom for a while.”

“I’m definitely going to mess around now after the Greatest Hits,” she says. “I’m not going to go back and do another Cranberries album. I need to do a different project completely, and the boys need some freedom for a while.”

Indeed, Dolores stresses that the solo project will be much unlike anything The Cranberries have done before, which is why she plans to do it without “the boys.” Dolores plans to incorporate a mixture of ethnic sounds into the project as well. “Istanbul blew me away! At 5.00am the music from the Mosques, the chanting awoke me. It was so gorgeous, it sounded a little scary at moments and at other moments very reassuring. It was like something from another dimension. I’d love to go back there on vacation and go and visit the Mosques. I believe it would really be inspiring,” she wrote only days ago on the band’s Official Site. “I’d like to do a little bit more work in the studio,” she told Hot Press, “or a little bit more flying out to places like Turkey or Africa and recording some different ethnic things and bringing it back for inspiration.”

The Cranberries chanteuse also hinted at the possibility of working with the eclectic producer Brian Eno sometime in the future. “It would be (a possibility), yeah. The reason we didn’t at the time was because Brian likes to experiment in the studio, he likes to go in with pretty much nothing and just write in there. And we were like, ‘Aw, but sure we’ve everything written!'”

The Special Edition Cranberries Issue of Hot Press will be available sometime in early December with a cover price of €5 (about $4.90 US). We’ll have much more on this solo project as we know it, and more on the Hot Press issue very soon. Major thanks to Jessica van Kessel for the info!

Source: Hot Press

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