Cranberries Proud to Say “I’m From Limerick”

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The Cranberries are starring as part of a new cinematic short film entitled,“I’m From Limerick,” created by the town in order to boost citizens’ morale after a strong recent wave of bad press against the city. The video presents many native-born celebrities relating their pride in their identity as residents of Limerick.

“I’m from Limerick is a campaign whose message is directed at and for the people of Limerick. It is designed to impart a sense of identity and belonging, confidence and civic pride. The message itself – I’m from Limerick – is simply stated, yet lends itself to broad application and interpretation,” related the city’s center coordinator, Andrew Mawhinney.

The short film is being shown in the Irish city’s cinemas until the end of the year, being placed before such blockbusters as Harry Potter II and Lord of the Rings II. The film is also being shown in primary (elementary) schools in the community, and the campaign also extends with posters and other propaganda.

Other local native celebrities joining The Cranberries include Frank McCourt, JP McManus, CiarĂ¡n Carey, Geri Maye, Sam Lynch, Mick Hanly, Vincent Browne, and Peter Clohessy. The Cranberries’ famous track “Dreams” is the main musical feature in the film, several scenes from the song’s music video included.

The city’s Mayor John Cronin helped launch the video in the primary schools this past September, commenting, “I want… people to be more proud of being from Limerick than anything else, because they should be. I’m from Limerick and I’ve always been so proud of that and am delighted to tell anyone I meet that I’m from Limerick. I want to see others doing that too. This will have a huge impact on children. It will be right up their alley as it’s snappy, enjoyable and not at all boring for them to watch.”

Recent negative “outside” press has blighted the town’s reputation, a trend which the campaign’s organizers hope to reverse. “We are turning people’s perception of how we view Limerick around, and are promoting Limerick as a wonderful place to live in.”

Speaking of the people and personalities that appear in the video, Mawhinney commented that “The people in the video come from many walks of life, and were filmed in a variety of settings in Limerick city and county.”

Both the campaign and the film, which will continue to run for several weeks, are being funded by both the EU Lodis Project and Dell Computers.

Source: Limerick Leader

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