Exclusive: Hi-Res Hot Press Scans!

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Major props to Hot Press! With this month’s release of The Cranberries issue of The Hot Press Collectors’ Series, the staff over at the Irish magazine have put together an awe-inspiring ode to Limerick’s finest. The 80-page issue is jam-packed with Cranberries material ranging from a 1991 interview to a brand new one taken less than a month ago.

So as you take a look at our exclusive, high-res scans, just take it from us that the new issue is worth every bit of the $5 plus shipping that they ask for international orders (about $11 total for the US). The Hot Press staff no doubt put a good bit of time and effort into putting this issue together, so if you like what you see, be sure you patronize them. After all, if the staff (and other any other magazine, for that matter) gets a good response to this issue, they’re more likely to do something like this again in the future with The Cranberries. Case in point, put your money where your mouth is and head over to HotPress.com and order the new the new issue online — you won’t regret it!!

And now that you have your issue ordered (we know you do!), head over to the Magazines section and check out our high-resolution scans! We’ll have more scans very shortly, as soon as time allows!

Also, if you see one you like, be sure you save it to your hard drive, as we probably won’t be able to host these images in hi-res format forever… Enjoy!!

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