Official Site Squashes Breakup Rumors

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Finally, after nearly two weeks of rumors that have snowballed out of proportion, The Cranberries Official Website has put a halt to the widespread (and pathetically false) rumors that Dolores was planning to “quit” the band.

The majority of the reports contained some quotes from the recent Hot Press interview, which were severely taken out of context. But to be fair, the original quotes would have seemed newsworthy to anyone who hasn’t been following the band’s interviews for the past few months. In typical tabloid fashion, with each rewrite of the story, there contained less factual quotes and much more speculation. By this week, such normally reputable sources as MuchMusic, Rolling Stone and Yahoo! were regurgitating whatever they could find elsewhere.

The Official Site threw a cold bucket of water on the flames, saying, “We have received numerous emails regarding the band ‘breaking up.’ Its just like 1994 / 1995 all over again! We would like to put an end to rumours that the band are splitting up, and / or are planning any solo albums. We realise there were some articles in various newspapers and magazines which cited Dolores as having said she was thinking about recording some solo work. The band have expressed their desire to change their approach to songwriting, and this could see them writing separately, initially. Dolores has performed solo before (e.g. ‘God Be With You’, Pavorotti Charity Concert) and no doubt will in the future. She is going to start recording new material in January and the band hope to begin recording a new album by February. They are already in discussions with various producers.”

Kudos go to E! Online who evidently did their own research into the matter today rather than simply believing another report as gospel. It appears that they’re the only online publication as of yet to have noted the Official Page’s report.

Of course this just tells us what we already (hopefully) knew: Dolores ain’t goin’ nowhere. The Cranberries are as much of a band now as they have ever been, and heck, they even have a sixth album in the works. In other shocking and revealing news today, the sun rose in the morning and it was cold at the North Pole.

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Source: The Cranberries Official Website

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