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Earlier today, Zombieguide posted scans from the Turkish magazine “Blue Jean,” which contains both new photos and an interview. We now have that interview translated into English, thanks to our contributor Haluk!

Blue Jean (Turkey)


(I have been waiting for you for 10 years. Where were you?)
Fergal: We were aware of you. Unfortunately, we couldn’t put Turkey on our tour list.

(You came last night so you had one to two hours to see Istanbul.)
Noel: No, we watched TV in our beds. We had been tired. I haven’t felt this type of fatigue before. Fergal: You’re getting old!
Noel: You’re still young anyway. I’ll see you at the concert. After the second song, you’ll be trying to find your hip!

(My God! Whom am I together with? Fergal, you are like a minister, responsible for your fan works. In your web site, I always find your writings and letters. Is there a change in fans’ profiles so far?)
Fergal: The people got married and had children like us who listened the band 10 years ago. We are not sure if they are still listening to us. In general we are not addressing ourselves to teenagers. I can’t say anything about the ages of our fans. Actually, the ages between 12 and 24 our web site the most. But this isn’t important. The important thing is: Cranberries fans are wise and intelligent.
(You have some fans that you had problems with. For example that German fan who sent threat letters to you and your families.)
Noel: I don’t want to talk about it anymore. He disturbed us a lot; we had him arrested and taken to court. It was bad. He wanted to be a part of our family.
Fergal: And, as far as I remember he was a lonely man. I was worried about him.
Noel: We’re worried about people who are lonely.

(How is your social life? Can you talk about your families and life in Limerick a little?)
Mike: Can I participate in your conversation?
Noel: Yes, we’re just talking about our families. You are a member of my family, so let’s get closer.

Fergal: Limerick is a small town and we are happy there with old friends, mates, and kids. We are just a big family.
Mike: Yes, like mafia families in Italian films. But we are living a quiet and a peaceful life.

(You are getting old… your babies… and as far as I am concerned, all are reflected to your music. Can you mention about this change? Your last two album took part at the top of my “Top 10” peace and ease albums.) {Meanwhile, Dolores joins us. I repeated my words to her. Then a delightful smile appeared on her excellent face.}

Dolores: I am pleased with the way you’re thinking. Some people are still thinking that we’re performing songs which were written under adolescent psychology. Because of this, in a sense, they formed an opinion that were aren’t honest. But because we’re all in our 30s now, it couldn’t be realistic writing songs about our 20s. Moreover, while we are writing and singing our songs, we are caring about “what can be done for a better world!” All of us want to leave better things for our and others children.

(…that misunderstanding issue. In my opinion you’re the one that had troubles more than other groups. When you wrote Zombie, most of people thought that you’re a supporter of IRA and that you were advocating terrorism.)

Noel: How they thought this way was a mystery. Zombie was written for a little boy, who was murdered as a consequence of bombing at the center of London. And we dedicated Zombie for both British and Irish children, who were killed because of the Northern Ireland conflict.

(I know that you are so sensitive to war children. Dolores, you participated in Pavarotti’s “War Child Organization.” Is there any project like this in your agenda?)
Dolores: We are striving to do something. And of course it shouldn’t be necessary to do something under musical projects. We have some acquaintances, carrying food and clothes from Ireland to Europe, then to the wrecked nations with their lorries (Ed. note: British word for a semi truck). We are working for this type of organization. Actually I don’t want to mention “we did this, we did that.” We did it because we had to. We have to because we are all human.

(Bono Vox, Sinead O’Connor and you are all sensitive to world problems. I attribute this due to your being Irish. What do you think?)
Dolores: That’s right! Of course, I don’t want to say that other nations are insensitive and we are perfect.

Fergal: It may be related with the geographic condition and the history of Ireland. We’re not close to America nor Europe. And so, there is an isolation both cultural and geographical.
Mike: For me, it is because of Irish’s being faitfull nation. The Irish believed to equipped with missions from God. We believed that every human is equal and we have to run for destitutes in this unjust world.

Noel: We have this type of mission. Everyone has.Dolores: After all, the world is not a perfect place.

(There is an effective quote in Alan Parker’s “The Commitments.” The manager of the Commitments say that: “Irish are the negros of Europe.” Is this right?)
Dolores: It was true in the past. I think it has changed since 1980.

(Lets talk about your ten year old career. Do you think the band adds something new to todays music or, can you say that “We started this…”)
Dolores: Ah, as far as I am concerned everyone designates his own way. Although there have been some guides, and persons that influenced us, yet we followed our own way. This is the rule of a musician.

Noel: Right. As for me, no one resembles each other.
Fergal: I wanted to change the concept of “being a group.” If only everyone was like us.
Mike: Old? You see?
Fergal: Maybe, we can provide the feelings of going to the forefront more than other things in music. Noel: And not alone. Together with other groups who had their first album 10 years ago, like us.

(Are you always together, including work hours?)
Fergal, Noel, Mike, Dolores: Yes! This is wonderful. We never got bored.Dolores: There is still something to discover in them (the other band members). I keep striving to find out their unknown sides.
Noel (to Dolores): You’re interesting. You always create new ideas.
{At the moment of the conversation we all come together and hug each other.}

(Well, why do you need a best of album?)
Dolores: Because we have been together for twelve years and we want to bless it.
Noel: It means “The Second Baptism Of The Band.”
Fergal: We shared everything, that was bad and good. Now, we want to congratulate ourselves for bearing each other. It is a huge celebration and we want to invite our fans to this ceremony.

(You came to Istanbul and honoured us. What about new songs ‘Stars’ and ‘New New York’?)
Fergal: New New York is related with New York’s new silhouette like its name. The World Trade Center was ruined for nothing and many people were killed. Being human, it was impossible to accept it. In addition, the US government accepted it as a reason for war and resorted to violence for such severity. Everything will be worse. We have doubts. We loved New York. Last spring we visited the city and we saw that New York was not the same New York as before.

Noel: We understand what actually happened to New York because we had the same terrorism in our country.
Mike: !.. But! Stars talks about good things. The best thing in earth… Love. (smile)

(All right, do you have new plans for the new album? Please say “yes.” -smile-)
Fergal, Noel, Mike, Dolores (All together): Yes!

Fergal: Lots of completed songs are waiting for us. After the Stars Tour we will begin some studio work. I think we have to prepare a new album for 2003. And I can’t wait for it. (smile)
Noel, Mike, Dolores (All together): Me too!…

(2003 will be magnificent. I wish you luck. I’m a journalist so it may be wrong to say this but I have to: I love you!)
Fergal: So, absolutely come to Limerick one day.
Dolores: And we wish you luck. (smile)

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